Municipal Water Department

Berryville Municipal Water Department is owned by the city and operated by our water department employees.   The water quality is confirmed each year by the State of Texas - Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

In the event of a Water Emergency Only:

Call: 907-751-4544

Top: Dave Groome

Water Well #7 on 3 Points Drive being drilled

    Operation's Department Guys

Henry, Greg, Dave, Ruben & Chuck

Volunteer Fire Department

Fire personnel are a special group of individuals who have undergone the necessary training in order to earn official certification to use this very sophisticated equipment. Berryville, Coffee City, Frankston and Moore Station work together as a team for any emergency. They are our first responders. We thank them for their commitment to serve!

Our Fire Chief, Chris L. Moore is retired from the army and is the fire chief for Berryville, Coffee City and Moore Station. In addition to these positions, he is the president for the Henderson County Fire Chief's Association and is also the president of the Northeast Texas Fireman and Fire Marshall Association. 


With the help of grants, Berryville was able to acquire three fire trucks for our community. Fire personnel must be certified to drive these vehicles as well as be fully trained to operate all installed equipment.


The Pumper truck is our largest vehicle and travels to all fires, wrecks or any other incident where needed.


The Brush truck has equipment to function at grass or brush fires and wrecks.


The Rescue truck is equipped to support any type of emergency which includes the use of the "jaws of life" that are necessary to cut a vehicle to rescue the person inside.

Sports Activities (Lenore Park)
Garden Oaks Memorial Park

Lenore Berry Ball Park was donated to the City by the Founder, Mr. Berry in honor of his wife Lenore. The park is intended for the benefit of the residents of Berryville. There are children's leagues that use the park for practice and tournaments.

Garden Oaks Memorial Park is the cemetery located next to City Hall. It is operated by a private Board of Directors and can be contacted by calling Berryville City Hall.

Cotton's Corner

Cotton's Corner - a Berryville convenience!


Established around 1960 by Cotton Barnhart, Cotton's Corner has been a place for Berryville residents and lake visitors to go to for those last minute shopping items!


In the beginning, all of the roads into this area were sand and gravel.  Residents say that visitors came here to the Neches River for fishing but at that time, there was no lake; only the river! The area's residents were mostly farmers growning watermelons and corn and this store was just what they needed for all those other everyday essentials!

Today -  the old Cotton's Corner has been completely renovated by it's new owner Clint Lax from S. Africa.  Now fully stocked with beer, wine, gasoline and a delicious grill!   Stop by , meet Clint and see that our faviorite convenience store that is BACK and better than ever!

Additional Services